Saturday, 10 November 2012

Target Make-up Haul!!

I was in Target today to get some new leggings and thought I would just stop quickly by the cosmetics section. 
I'm glad I did because they have some really fantastic sales on at the moment!

This weekend only (10-11 November, Australia) all Revlon lip, cheek and eye products are 40% off!!!! 40 PERCENT!!!! How good is that?

So I FINALLY picked up a revlon lip butter. I know, a tad behind the eight ball there, but there was NO WAY I was going to pay $21.95 for a lip balm. However, with the 40% off I got it for just $13.50. While that is still more than I would normally pay for a lip balm I have heard amazing things about the Revlon Lip Butters and have wanted to try them for quite sometime, so I thought I would bite the bullet so to speak and just go for it.
I decided on the colour 055 Cupcake, which is a gorgeous pastel pink colour that I thought would be lovely during the summer when I don't really want to wear a full lipstick.

As part of this weeks catalogue sale Target also has a great deal on Rimmel cosmetics. All foundation, blush and powder products are 2 for $20. Depending on which products you choose, that pretty much works out to be buy one get one free, which I think is AMAZING!

I have been looking at the Rimmel Match Perfection blush since it came out and have always wanted to try a BB cream, given all the hype they've received lately.
So I decided to go ahead and get the Rimmel BB Cream, 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup in the shade Light, and the Rimmel Match Perfection blush in the shade 001 Light.

I am really excited to try out all of these products and definitely think any of my Australian readers should get down to Target first thing tomorrow if your after any new makeup and love a great deal!!!

I'll try to have a review up on all of these products soon!

Until next time xxx :)


  1. i love those lip butters!! red velvet and lollipop are my fave!!

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  2. I almost bought Lollipop!! Haha I will have to try that one next!