Saturday, 3 November 2012

2012 October Favourites!!

Here are my top six favourites for the month of October, 2012! I absolutely recommend them all!

1. Goldwell Rich Repair 60 second hair treatment
I have had this for a few months but it has been an absolute life saver throughout October. I use it weekly as a deep conditioning treatment and it has done my hair wonders. As the weather has been heating up here in Melbourne lately, my hair was starting to dry out something shocking, but this treatment makes it feel amazingly soft and silky. It reminds me of when you've just had your hair dyed at the salon. It's pretty expensive (I think it was around $30) but it lasts literally ages!! Especially if you only use it once a week like I do. A little goes a really, really, really long way! I usually leave it in for about 5 minutes, because I use it as a deep conditioning treatment, but the instructions say it works in 60 seconds. This product is a definite must to save your hair from the sun, sea etc. over spring and summer.

2. Palmolive Strawberry Smoothie exfoliating body wash
I found this at the beginning of October and I am soooo in love with it! I purchased mine at K-mart for $4!!! I have also seen it in supermarkets and at Target, but it costs about $5.50 there I think. It smells soooooooo delicious!! Exactly like a strawberry smoothie! It has little exfoliating beads (that look like strawberry seeds) and contains Apricot, Peach and strawberry extracts, jojoba butter extracts and coconut oil (among other wonderful additives lol!). It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean and you get a lovelu subtle strawberry scent for the next few hours! I just love strawberry scent in spring and summer, it just reminds me of ice-cream and smoothies at the beach on a hot day!!! SO good!

3. Betty Crocker strawberry shortcake candles
Surprise!! Another strawberry scented product (I see a theme emerging here :P). I purchased these candles on (I'm not sure how much they were but it was pretty cheap). They give off a lovely sweet strawberry scent when you burn them, it reminds me of strawberry icing!! Only problem is, they always leave me craving sweet food! But what are you going to do? haha.

4. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman foundation brush
I've had this brush for about three weeks now and it's my first real techniques brush. I had heard amazing things about the brushes in Youtube and in the bloggersphere, and thought I would give it ago. I had never used a brush with liquid foundation before so I wanted to invest in something good. And I was not disappointed! The bristles are soft, it gives amazing, even coverage and is so quick to use, it has cut my foundation time in half! It blends foundation and concealer easily. I would definitely recommend it. The only downside is it costs about $21 at Priceline (although I have since heard it is much cheaper on the website!)

5. Maybelline Colour sensational lipstick in 805 Pink Freeze
This is my absolute favourite lipstick of all time!! I have mentioned it in blogs before and I think I have used it almost every day throughout October. It is the perfect colour for spring and summer, it is bright hot pink, has amazing colour pay off, lasts about 5 hours and doesn't dry your lips out too much! Theres really not much more I can say about it, it's just amazing and I have already repurchased it for when this one runs out because I use it that often!

6. Australis Nudist Eyeshadow palette
Unfortunately I bought this on clearance and I don't think you can buy it anymore but it has been my go-to palette throughout October so I thought I should mention it anyway. It has 8 neutral shades, ranging from light to dark, and is reminiscent of the Naked Palette by Urban Decay (Although not as good quality obviously). On clearance I picked this up for around $6.00, which was an absolute BARGAIN! They eyeshadows are great quality and last all day (over an eyelid primer). They have great colour payoff too, and you only need a little bit to cover your lids perfectly!

Let me know what you have been loving this past month, I am always looking to try new things!

Until next time :) xxx

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