Thursday, 4 October 2012

Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss REVIEW!

I have really been loving Essence's Stay with me long lasting lipgloss' and I wanted to tell you all about them!
They are available in Target and Priceline in Australia and retail for only $3.95 each!!

I have four shades:
09 Hottest Pink
03 Candy Bar
01 Me & My Ice-cream
08 Deep Rose

I absolutely love all the colours, the applicator is amazing, the lip gloss goes on quickly, one coat and stays on for hours.
They have great colour pay off, it actually looks like really shiny lipstick, but it doesn't dry out your lips.
And A new colour has just been released (hottest pink) which is perfect for the upcoming summer season. As the name suggests, it is literally the hottest pink. Haha! But it looks awesome on!


  1. I love these glosses! I have all my pictures in my iphoto ready for me to write my review of them haha aren't they awesome!

    1. They are so great!! And such a good price! It's about time we started getting good quality cheap cosmetics in Australia!