Sunday, 14 April 2013

DIY Rainbow Crossings and the power of social media

Okay, so this post is a little different to what I usually do but I really wanted to comment on this issue as it pertains to many things I am very passionate about.

You may or may not know that until Wednesday last week there was a rainbow crossing in Sydney, showing support for GLBTIQ rights. It was a pedestrian crossing that they painted rainbow instead of the usual black and white.

Despite protests and petitions, the crossing was removed last Wednesday because it was only intended to be a temporary thing.

However, people were so upset about it's removal that they have taken matters into their own hands.

Over the weekend, DIY chalk rainbow crossings have been popping up on pavements and roads all over the country.

There is a Facebook page dedicated to the movement, which you can check out here.

It is even beginning to spread overseas now, with rainbow crossings popping up as far away as Kenya.

And most stores in Sydney sold out of chalk on Saturday as a result of the movement.

AND the movement was even featured on the Channel 7 news here in Australia!!

I just love when things like this happen.

It just goes to show how much people ordinary people have and how much social media helps them to harness that power.

I really hope this keeps going for a while longer and I hope that people begin to get the point.

We are all human. We are all the same. And we deserve the same rights.

At some point in time, somewhere over the rainbow, I believe everyone will recognise this fact.

At least I hope they will.

I hope the politicians pay attention, maybe we can even get some more rainbow crossings put up permanently.

I just get this warm and fuzzy feeling when I see how people, all over the country and the world, can join together to make a difference in a peaceful, loving and community enhancing way.

Anyway, let me know your take on the DIY rainbow crossing trend!! And if you've done your own rainbow crossing, send me a picture! I'd love to see them!

Until next time, xxx :)

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